Keeping your workplace safe

The costs to Australian workplaces attributed to drugs and alcohol are estimated at 6 billion per year and whilst it’s difficult to place a figure on it there is no doubt many incidents, injuries and fatalities can be linked to drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

Workplace testing for the presence of illicit drugs and alcohol consumption is common in certain industries such as civil and commercial construction, transport, aviation, heavy manufacturing and mining to name a few.

Reasons for testing are also variable and range from the organisations need to meet a legislative or contractual requirement, as a part of good corporate governance or due diligence. Testing can be random, prior to commencing a high risk activity, after an incident or where there is reasonable suspicion someone might be under the influence.

Test1st uses a saliva drug test that tests for seven different substances as required by specific legislation relevant for the construction industry. The test kits are administered by a trained experienced tester and meet relevant Australian standards.

Our breath test units are the same units as used by a number of Police departments. These units are calibrated and again meet relevant Australian Standards.